Robyn Truby – work 6-15-2020





  • Removed the extra Staging version from the server which wasn’t being used, and had the wrong design.
  • Fixed the header so that the logo would show on desktop and mobile, and reduced the header height to a more appropriate size.
  • Changed the site URLs to remove the old theme’s categories. Using Page names now in the URLs, which is best.
  • Deactivated plugins that you aren’t using, like page builders for a previous theme that you aren’t using.
  • Upgraded your server’s PHP version, which was using an older deprecated version.
  • Tested contact form and then solved the outgoing email inconsistencies by setting up a dedicated transactional email system. All outgoing emails will use SendGrid email service and be sent from Robyn’s business email address.
  • I added a image-compression plugin that I use for client sites, that will allow you to upload any size images and it will make them sized and compressed appropriately for your website.